Stay open minded and don´t judge the book by its cover

So I have been a bit quiet for the last weeks. Well…Really I haven’t written anything. It started with a Terror Attack on my countries capital on Feb. 14th, the day after my last post. Its the first real attack we have encountered. The next 14 days i spend my time thinking about what this will do to my country from here on out. It wasn’t a bomb, luckily. A young man, angry at the world decided to shoot at a Free speech meeting and later on attacked a Jewish synagogue, where a Bah Mitzva where held. 2 innocent people were killed and 5 police officers were injured. Now I and many more try to walk the line, trying not to fall…Cause this has put even more stress on the muslim community, which is unfair. Just because one guy decides to act out a terror attack doesn’t make all muslims terrorist. But even so, the struggle now stand between avoiding that muslims are being even more secluded from the rest of the country and keeping this country together. I am happy to a part of a group of people who have decided to live in and around a ghetto and doing our part in helping those who need help. Together we know a lot of people from the middle East. The sweetest people. Every week I help a somalian single mum and her children with homework and perfecting her danish. I am falling more and more in love with that crazy sweet family. Therefore I hate that some people decide to act out terrorism, cause its the people that we know who are hurt by this. Their roots and religion are being held captive in this. I have an issue with people turning their anger and hate towards innocent people, just because they share the same religion and country of origin as someone that acted out a terror attack, and the same goes for people incapable of accepting different opinions and believes. What is the harm in just agreeing to disagree?

We are all humans, flesh and blood. We are different colors and I believe we are all children of God. We shouldn’t judge people based on their color, religion or clothes. This 2015! I choose to see things from different perspective and try to understand why people act the way the do and what their motives are before judging them. I try to stay curious and get to know people. If you call someone a racist for something they say and they feel genuinely hurt by it, maybe you should try and look at it from a different angle. We can all say something that will be interpreted as being racist without actually being a racist. Sometimes it is better to ask why people say certain things first and learn more before judging. We all make generalizations based on what we observe around us. It is too easy sometimes to misunderstand people and it doesn’t cost anything to keep a positive tone. Stay open minded and try not to judge the book by its cover. We change the world by one random act of kindness at a time. Give it forward.